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VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number. It has every vehicle and with it you can find out the characteristics of the car, to know the owner, whether car was in an accident, theft or a taxi.

Toyota Sienna models

Vehicle Model Year kW HP Engine Engine Capacity Body Type
TOYOTA SIENNA (_L1_) 3.0 (MCL10_) 08/1997-12/2002 143 194 1MZ-FE 2995 MPV
TOYOTA SIENNA (_L2_) 3.3 (MCL20_) 01/2003-12/2006 169 230 3MZ-FE 3311 MPV
TOYOTA SIENNA (_L2_) 3.3 4WD (MCL25_) 01/2003-11/2009 169 230 3MZ-FE 3311 MPV
TOYOTA SIENNA (_L3_) 2.7 (ASL30_) 09/2010-07/2013 140 190 1AR-FE 2672 MPV
TOYOTA SIENNA (_L3_) 2.7 (ASL30_) 01/2012-07/2013 137 186 1AR-FE 2672 MPV
TOYOTA SIENNA (_L3_) 3.5 (GSL30_) 01/2010-/ 198 269 2GR-FE 3456 MPV
TOYOTA SIENNA (_L3_) 3.5 (GSL30_) 01/2010-/ 196 267 2GR-FE 3456 MPV
TOYOTA SIENNA (_L3_) 3.5 4WD (GSL35_) 01/2010-/ 198 269 2GR-FE 3456 MPV
TOYOTA SIENNA (_L3_) 3.5 4WD (GSL35_) 01/2010-12/2012 196 267 2GR-FE 3456 MPV

Toyota Sienna recalls and complaints

Sienna recalled 119 times (29039200 cars in sum of all recalls), received 6153 complaints.

Devices receiving the most safety-related consumer complaints:

Device Complaints

Toyota Sienna VIN`s examples

5TDZA23C46S489627 5TDJK3DC4DS065134 4T3ZF13C7XU123978 5TDZK3DC0FS593288 5TDYZ3DC2HS824296 5TDZK3DC5DS290553 5TDKK3DC4GS691632 5TDKK4CC9AS301445 5TDKZ3DC7JS901112 5TDZK3DC1ES504665 5TDKA3DC6BS002864 5TDZA22C05S282989 4T3ZF19C52U454834 5TDYK3DC4BS085864 5TDYK3DC8CS179439 5TDYZ3DC3HS790921 4T3ZF19C8WU002091 5TDXK3DC9CS202271 5TDBA22C95S036802 5TDYK3DC3GS712920 4T3GF19C1XU152777 4T3ZF19C3YU304746 5TDKK3DC1CS198209 5TDBA23C84S018305 4T3ZF19C92U498755 5TDYK3DC1ES504726 5TDKK3DC3BS118150 5TDXK3DC0CS202465 5TDYK3DC5DS401887 5TDZK3DC5ES495047 5TDZA22C44S210529 5TDKK3DC2ES511674 5TDJK3DC3CS043883 5TDZK3DC0DS282456 5TDZA22C65S306406 5TDBK22C29S027135 4T3ZF13C11U349487 5TDBK22C47S004971 5TDDK3DC2CS031169 5TDKK3DC8DS403039 5TDZA23C86S500970 5TDZK3DC9DS375671 5TDZA22C25S303485 5TDDK3DC8GS133503 5TDKK3DC2CS271541 5TDKA3DC0CS012873 5TDYZ3DC4HS696532 5TDYK3DC6ES452400 5TDKZ3DC9HS857057 5TDKK3DC7FS567207 5TDBK22C17S004071 4T3ZF19C62U498647 5TDKK3DCXFS552393 4T3ZF13CX2U500778 4T3ZF19C51U396481 5TDJK3DC9CS033133 4T3ZF13C2YU296213 5TDBA22C14S005333 4T3ZF13C01U331773 5TDDK3DC9FS114408 5TDZA23C14S077808 4T3ZF13C9WU052653 5TDJK3DC9FS112225 4T3ZF19C6WU005121 5TDYK3DC4DS283718 5TDYK4CC1AS302082 4T3ZF13C12U477004 4T3GF19CXXU117574 5TDKK3DCXCS221437 5TDBA23C95S042579 5TDYK3DCXDS292259 4T3ZF19C1WU007701 4T3ZF13CXXU101134 5TDZA23C25S338395 5TDXZ3DC6HS801986 5TDZK22C68S147923 5TDYK3DC4ES481099 5TDJK3DC9GS129978 5TDXK3DC9DS401869 5TDXZ3DC6HS775163 5TDXZ3DC9JS914952 4T3ZF13C51U336886 5TDZK22CX9S251283 5TDZK3DC4ES507219 5TDBA23CX4S015812 5TDYK4CC8AS310681 5TDKK4CC5AS297944 4T3ZF19C8YU289595 5TDDK3DC0BS001795 5TDZK3DC9CS178675 5TDXK3DC5GS720951 5TDXK3DC2GS698634 5TDYK3DC4BS112979 5TDDZ3DC8HS169771 4T3ZF13C1YU277457 5TDYK3DC7CS187290 4T3ZF19C72U500356 5TDXK3DC5CS185971 4T3GF19C7XU168840 5TDYK3DC7CS267379