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VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number. It has every vehicle and with it you can find out the characteristics of the car, to know the owner, whether car was in an accident, theft or a taxi.

Toyota Previa models

Vehicle Model Year kW HP Engine Engine Capacity Body Type
TOYOTA PREVIA (_R1_, _R2_) 2.4 (TCR10_) 09/1993-12/1997 118 160 2TZ-FZE 2438 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA (_R1_, _R2_) 2.4 (TCR1_) 05/1990-08/2000 97 132 2TZ-FE 2438 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA (_R1_, _R2_) 2.4 4WD (TCR2_) 05/1990-08/2000 97 132 2TZ-FE 2438 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA III (_R2_, _R5_) 2.4 (ACR50_) 10/2005-/ 125 170 2AZ-FE 2362 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA III (_R2_, _R5_) 2.4 4WD (ACR55W) 01/2006-/ 125 170 2AZ-FE 2362 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA III (_R2_, _R5_) 2.4 Hybrid (AHR20_) 05/2012-/ 110 150 2AZ-FXE 2362 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA III (_R2_, _R5_) 3.5 4WD (GSR55W) 01/2006-/ 206 280 2GR-FE 3456 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA (_R3_) 2.0 D-4D (CLR30_) 03/2001-01/2006 85 116 1CD-FTV 1995 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA (_R3_) 2.4 (ACR30) 08/2000-01/2006 115 156 2AZ-FE 2362 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA (_R3_) 3.5 (ACR30) 02/2000-01/2006 206 280 2GR-FE 3456 MPV
TOYOTA PREVIA (_R3_) 3.5 4WD 02/2000-01/2006 206 280 2GR-FE 3456 MPV

Toyota Previa recalls and complaints

Previa recalled 3 times (232379 cars in sum of all recalls), received 280 complaints.

Devices receiving the most safety-related consumer complaints:

Device Complaints

Toyota Previa VIN`s examples

JT3AC11R9M1005197 JT3AC11R3P1117854 JT3AC12R8R1149071 JT3AC12RXP1079750 JT3HK23M2V1078227 JT3AC13R2S1193121 JT3AC14R6S1174943 JT3AC21S8N1008165 JT3AC13R3S1201579 JT3AC14R2R1139679 JT3GK12M4T1245840 JT3AC12RXP1104145 JT3AC12R3M0055114 JT3AC11R9M0030008 JT3AC11R4N1022331 JT3AC11R3M1002151 JT3AC11R4P1075291 JT3AC22S9M0006654 JT3GK13M7T1246852 JT3GK12M8T1240351 JT3AC22S5P1017567 JT3AC13R4S1194867 JT3AC21S3M0010331 JT3AC11R5N1056486 JT3AC11R4P1103333 JT3AC12R5M0006724 JT3GK12MXT1223812 JT3AC12R5N1008100 JT3AC12R8M0014106 JT3AC12R1P1067664 JT3AC11R3M0013270 JT3AC21S7R1028743 JT3AC11R7N1011968 JT3AC12RXN1056028 JT3AC14R4S1192132 JT3AC12R1R1148506 JT3AC11R1P1102916 JT3AC21S7P1016941 JT3AC12R3P1059940 JT3HK23M9V1089872 JT3AC12R8P1110459 JT3GK12M7V1278740 JT3AC12R7N1036769 JT3GK12M2T1234772 JT3AC24SXR1033215 JT3AC14R3S1202407 JT3AC12R7M0009964 JT3AC11R3N1024118 JT3AC21S1M0001708 JT3AC11RXP1102719 JT3AC12R9R1119139 JT3AC14R3S1174835 JT3AC14R5S1175291 JT3AC14RXS1163718 JT3AC12R3N1051138 JT3AC12R0M0040988 JT3AC12R2N1036825 JT3AC12RXR1141523 JT3AC12R0N1038525 JT3AC12R8N1034089 JT3AC12R6R1156407 JT3AC11R5S1191978 JT3AC21S1N1012168 JT3AC13R3S1196674 JT3AC11R1R1119166 JT3AC11R1N1021234 JT3AC14R2S1194963 JT3AC21S9M0009930 JT3AC11R6P1100594 JT3GK12M5V1252430 JT3AC22S0N1003234 JT3AC11RXN1010524 JT3AC22S8M0011988 JT3AC12R3R1133747 JT3AC14RXR1138764 JT3AC11R8M0043607 JT3AC12R0R1118784 JT3AC24S2S1049088 JT3AC12R1N1055205 JT3AC12R7P1093430 JT3AC22SXN1012989 JT3AC12R3M1004402 JT3AC11R6M0063046 JT3AC22S0R1028625 JT3AC11R4R1153071 JT3AC22S5N1004301 JT3AC12R2M1004794 JT3AC22S6P1017433 JT3AC11R0R1159286 JT3AC22S9N1003202 JT3AC14R0S1173108 JT3AC11R6S1168077 JT3AC22S0M0007983 JT3AC22S2N1005857 JT3AC12R0P1066750 JT3AC13R1S1200284 JT3AC22S2M0003353 JT3AC22S6M0008510 JT3AC11RXP1076140 JT3AC11R1P1079184