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VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number. It has every vehicle and with it you can find out the characteristics of the car, to know the owner, whether car was in an accident, theft or a taxi.

Dodge Grand Caravan models

Vehicle Model Year kW HP Engine Engine Capacity Body Type
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 3.3 06/2007-12/2008 131 178 EGV 3301 MPV
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 3.3 06/2007-/ 127 173 EGM 3301 MPV
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 3.8 06/2007-12/2010 142 193 EGL 3778 MPV
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 3.8 06/2007-/ 148 201 EGH 3778 MPV
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 4.0 06/2007-/ 173 235 EMM 3952 MPV
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN Mini Passenger Van 3.3 09/1994-12/1996 120 163 EGM 3301 MPV
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN Mini Passenger Van 3.3 AWD 09/1994-12/1996 120 163 EGM 3301 MPV
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN Mini Passenger Van 3.8 01/1996-12/2000 122 166 EGH 3778 MPV
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN Mini Passenger Van 3.8 09/2004-12/2006 154 209 EGH 3778 MPV
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN Mini Passenger Van 3.8 AWD 04/2001-05/2007 154 209 EGH 3778 MPV

Dodge Grand Caravan recalls and complaints

Grand Caravan recalled 162 times (65803964 cars in sum of all recalls), received 9391 complaints.

Devices receiving the most safety-related consumer complaints:

Device Complaints

Dodge Grand Caravan VIN`s examples

1B4GP44R8TB471376 1D4GP23R44B545180 2D4RN4DE2AR326981 2B4GP44R31R135164 1D4HN11H58B184532 1B4GP54L8TB393439 2B8GP44372R575481 2B4GP44R0XR478989 2B4GP44R0WR669973 2B4GP44R31R364881 1B4GK54R9MX567090 2D4GP24R15R379136 1B4GP54R7TB141993 1B4GP54L6YB545595 2B4GP44R7VR450653 1B4GH54R1SX579536 1B4GP44R1XB509603 2C4RDGBG5ER241113 1B4GP54L3YB562984 1B4GP44G3XB546585 2D4RN5D19AR209921 2B8GT54L22R703899 2B4GP44302R595671 2C4RDGBG4FR751048 2D4GP24R65R225196 2C4RDGCG2CR219386 2C4RDGCG0HR848460 2B4GP44332R741903 1D4GP24R14B600828 2C4RDGCG8CR275106 1B4GH54R0PX567983 2B4GP44G3XR439988 1B4GH54R4PX566559 1D8HN44H98B158799 2B4GP44G1YR629838 1B4GH44R6RX205802 1B4GT44L4XB622923 2C4RDGCG8FR733294 1B4GP44R5TB493965 1B4GH54R3RX132880 1B4GH44R6NX162637 1D4GP24RX4B563746 1B4GK44R9RX269494 2B4GP44G11R185186 2C4RDGCG3FR604704 2C4RDGBGXCR333735 2D4RN1AGXBR796200 1B4GP54R0VB435934 1B4GH44R1RX329797 2B4GP4435VR348215 1B4GP54L3VB457258 1B4GH44R5PX730864 2D8HN54X98R791415 1B4GP44G5YB755425 2C4RDGEG6ER321046 2B4GP4437WR767684 2D4GP44L75R269862 2D4GP44L07R118929 2B8GP44GX1R110999 2D8HN54X78R716390 2D4GP74L33R262874 2B4GP24R8WR504578 1B4GH44R5SX535520 1B4FK4431KX692325 1B4GP44R9VB402909 2B4GP44R5TR640769 2D4RN5D17AR177583 1B4GP44R6TB387489 1B4GP54L3TB463185 1B4GP74L5XB559630 1B4GH44R2PX561404 1B4GP44G7YB715444 2C4RDGBG5DR566634 2C4RDGBG3DR702727 2D4GP44L67R280872 1B4GK44R2MX588096 1D4GP23R94B537074 2C4RDGEG3GR195991 2D4GP44L37R331793 1B4GH54R9NX156479 2C4RDGBG4JR200644 2B4GP44331R420815 1B4GH44R8PX554263 2D4GP44L43R330727 2C4RDGBG2CR220538 2C4RDGCG5GR312697 2B4GP44R9XR436031 2D4GP44L66R811146 1B4GP44GXWB733689 1B4GP54L8VB362257 1B4GP54R4TB261931 1B4GH44R8SX623848 1B8GP34302B560278 1B4GH54RXNX231612 2D4GP44L55R541132 2D8HN54X08R697259 2D4GP44L36R758728 1B4GP44G6WB651300 2C4RDGCG4CR396635 1B4GH4432NX141036