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VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number. It has every vehicle and with it you can find out the characteristics of the car, to know the owner, whether car was in an accident, theft or a taxi.

Dodge Challenger models

Vehicle Model Year kW HP Engine Engine Capacity Body Type
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 3.5 09/2008-12/2010 186 253 EGG 3518 Coupe
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 3.6 01/2011-/ 227 309 ERB 3605 Coupe
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 3.6 Flexfuel 09/2010-/ 227 309 ERB 3604 Coupe
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 5.7 09/2008-/ 277 377 EZH 5654 Coupe
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 5.7 01/2010-/ 280 381 EZC 5654 Coupe
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 6.1 SRT8 09/2007-/ 317 431 ESF 6059 Coupe
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 6.1 SRT8 01/2008-/ 313 426 ESF 6059 Coupe
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 6.2 SRT Hellcat 09/2014-/ 527 717 ESD 6166 Coupe
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 6.4 SRT8 01/2011-/ 351 477 ESG 6417 Coupe
DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 6.4 SRT8 08/2011-/ 346 471 ESH 6417 Coupe

Dodge Challenger recalls and complaints

Challenger recalled 54 times (30797838 cars in sum of all recalls), received 274 complaints.

Devices receiving the most safety-related consumer complaints:

Device Complaints

Dodge Challenger VIN`s examples

2C3CDYBT0EH306355 2B3LJ74W58H182868 2C3CDZC9XJH342704 2B3CJ5DT2AH142635 2C3CDYAG2CH254793 2C3CDZDJ8GH221252 2C3CDYCJ8EH158453 2C3CDZBT6HH639444 2C3CDZFJXGH153632 2C3CDYBT9DH741812 2C3CDZBT3GH354439 2C3CDYCJ9DH558794 2C3CDZGG6HH601742 2C3CDZAG5JH204568 2C3CDZFJ5JH310653 2C3CDZDJXJH262263 2B3CJ4DG7BH602452 2C3CDZC91JH130628 2C3CDZFJXHH636152 2B3CJ7DW3AH122576 2C3CDZAG0FH703883 2C3CDZFJ4GH131559 2B3CJ7DW6AH220694 2B3CJ7DW0AH282530 2C3CDZFJ6GH177863 2C3CDZBT2FH873710 2C3CDZDJ2FH905924 2C3CDZGG3JH215656 2C3CDZDJ7GH289459 2B3CJ5DT2BH536251 2C3CDZGGXJH311770 2C3CDZAG5HH611476 2C3CDZAG3HH574248 2C3CDYBT1EH310866 2B3LJ44V89H604638 2C3CDZAG5GH119285 2B3LJ74W78H290490 2C3CDZBT9GH153614 2C3CDZFJ6HH613306 2C3CDYCJ0DH594132 2C3CDZDJ5FH910101 2C3CDYAG0EH282207 2C3CDYBT3EH207688 2C3CDZBT3HH598321 2B3LJ44V99H604891 2C3CDYCJ7CH227968 2C3CDZC98HH632823 2C3CDYAG1CH176779 2C3CDYAG9EH229750 2C3CDYBT8DH737363 2B3CJ4DV8AH122451 2C3CDYBT9DH653326 2C3CDYDJ0EH165248 2C3CDZDJ4GH117440 2C3CDZBT8FH728199 2C3CDZBG9FH911937 2C3CDYAG0CH226071 2C3CDZGG8HH598665 2C3CDYBT0CH291966 2C3CDZAG6HH659052 2C3CDZBT2HH658718 2C3CDYAG0DH500841 2C3CDYBT8CH176290 2C3CDYBT4EH133729 2C3CDYCJ4EH250126 2C3CDYAG0DH736924 2C3CDZDJ9FH811345 2C3CDZAG9HH501286 2C3CDYCJ7DH596640 2C3CDZC91HH508554 2C3CDZDJ3GH165902 2C3CDZC91JH270131 2C3CDZAG3JH138604 2B3CJ5DT0AH157344 2C3CDZC90HH548513 2C3CDZBT6JH237686 2C3CDZBT1JH304825 2C3CDYCJXCH275867 2C3CDZAT5FH744183 2C3CDZBG0FH900907 2B3CJ4DV6AH323359 2C3CDZC9XFH803732 2C3CDZBG2FH911634 2C3CDZC98GH308642 2C3CDYBT6DH700361 2C3CDZC97HH591973 2B3CJ7DW7AH260170 2C3CDZFJ1HH669119 2C3CDZFJ7HH655841 2C3CDZBT7FH911769 2C3CDZAT0FH718736 2C3CDYBT1DH588018 2B3CJ7DJ6BH560840 2C3CDZFJ0GH129419 2C3CDYBT3EH307452 2C3CDZBG7FH913217 2C3CDYAG9EH172692 2C3CDZC94GH274876 2C3CDZBT2FH910688 2C3CDYAG9DH724738