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VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number. It has every vehicle and with it you can find out the characteristics of the car, to know the owner, whether car was in an accident, theft or a taxi.

Mercedes-Benz 600-CLASS VIN`s examples

WDBFA76E6PF076086 WDBGA76E7PA134174 WDBGA76EXPA142303 WDBGA57E8PA133005 WDBFA76E5PF080176 WDBGA57E6PA088453 WDBFA76E9PF075370 WDBFA76E3PF079799 WDBFA76E4PF078032 WDBGA57E9NA029359 WDBGA57E4NA076234 WDBGA57E6PA103209 WDBGA57E0NA046423 WDBFA76E2PF073685 WDBGA57E1NA041053 WDBGA57E7PA098618 WDBFA76E8PF074775 WDBGA57E7NA054955 WDBFA76E7PF072967 WDBGA57E2NA065829 WDBGA57E6NA087252