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Each Mercedes-Benz car is assigned a unique 17-digit number known as the vehicle identification number (VIN). This code, consisting of letters and numbers, is used by Mercedes-Benz manufacturers, dealerships, and insurance companies to identify and track specific cars.

The Mercedes-Benz VIN decoder allows you to enter your car's VIN and obtain information on its make and model, production history, and other features. By utilizing this decoder, you can learn more about your unique Mercedes-Benz. Fun fact: Mercedes-Benz is a German luxury car manufacturer that was established in 1926 and is known for producing high-end cars, including sports cars, SUVs, and sedans.

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Where to find Mercedes-Benz VIN number

The car identification number, which is a unique code that identifies a specific vehicle, can be found in several locations, such as:

  • On the driver's side of the dashboard, towards the bottom of the windshield. It should be visible from the outside through the glass.
  • On the location where the driver-side door jamb attaches to the vehicle's frame when closed.
  • In literature related to automobiles, such as the user guide.
  • On documents such as the title, registration, and insurance policies, which can be kept at home, in the glove compartment, or in the trunk.
  • On the engine block, which is often located near the front of the engine, it may be engraved.
  • On the frame or undercarriage of the vehicle.
  • On the transmission. It's worth noting that if a motor vehicle history report is available for the car, the car identification number may also be listed on it. This report details information about the ownership, maintenance, and accident history of the vehicle.
Where to find Mercedes-Benz VIN number
Chart option of VIN number

Chart option of VIN number

The World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI), also known as WMI, is a unique code that identifies the manufacturer of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. It is typically the first three characters found in a VIN and helps determine the country of origin, manufacturer, and type of vehicle. Here are some examples of WMI codes for Mercedes-Benz vehicles:

WMI code Designation Location Product Date
TWG Salvador Caetano IMVT Sarl (P) Portugal Buses 2013-08-06
VAG PUCH (A) Austria Gelendewagen 2007-12-01
VF9 300 Evobus France (F) France Buses 2007-12-01
VS9 172 EVOBUS (S) Spain Buses 2007-12-01
VSA Mercedes-Benz Espan* SA (G) Spain Vito/Viano 2007-12-01
W1A DCAG(D) Germany   2021-07-11
W1K DCAG(D) Germany   2020-05-21
W1N PUCH (A) Austria Gelendewagen 2020-05-21
W1V DCAG(D) Germany   2021-06-22
WCD Daimler AG (D) Germany Sprinter 2013-08-26
WD1 DCAG(D) Germany Sprinter 2007-12-01
WD2 DAIMLER AG (D) Germany Sprinter for NAFTA since 2010 2007-12-01
WD3, WD4 DCAG(D) Germany INCOMPLETE BUS Sprinter 2007-12-01
WD5 NAFTA DAIMLER AG Germany Sprinter for the US market 2007-12-01
WD8 DCAG(D) Germany transporter 2007-12-01
WD9 DCAG(D) Germany Sprinter 2013-02-22
WDB DCAG(D) Germany   2007-12-01
WDC DCAG (USA) USA ML-class, R-class, GL-class for Europe 2007-12-01
WDF Daimler-Chrysler Argentina SA (ARG) Argentina Sprinter 2009-01-24
WDF DCAG(D) Germany Spain from 2002 2007-12-01
WDP, WDR Daimler AG (D) Germany reserve 2013-08-26
WDW Daimler AG (D) Germany Buses 2013-08-26
WDZ Daimler AG (D) Germany Sprinter for the US market 2013-08-26
WEB Evobus GmbH (D) Germany Buses 2007-12-01
WMX Mercedes-AMG GmbH (D) Germany   2013-08-26
X89 CU2 EvoBus Russland OOO (RUS) Russia   2012-08-01
XDN GAZ OAO (RUS) Russia Sprinter 904 2013 2013-08-26
XTF GOLAZ Russia Buses 2007-12-01
1MB USA Mercedes-Benz Of North America DAIMLER AG 2013-04-11
2B1 Canada Orion Bus Industries Ltd. DAIMLER AG - buses 2007-12-01
3AM Mexico Industrias Kuzzy de Mexico SA de CV DAIMLER AG - trailers, bodies 2013-02-22
3MB Mexico Mercedes-Benz Mexico S.A. DAIMLER AG - trucks and buses 2007-12-01
4JG USA Mercedes-Benz US International Inc DAIMLER AG - ML-class, R-class, GL-class for US market 2007-12-01
55S USA Mercedes-Benz US International Inc DAIMLER AG - experimental and test vehicles 2014-06-19
8AB Argentina Daimler-Chrysler Argentina SA DAIMLER AG 2007-07-09
8AC Argentina Mercedes-Benz Argentina SA DAIMLER AG 2013-08-26
9BM Brazil Mercedes-Benz do Brasil SA DAIMLER AG 2007-07-09
adb South Africa Mercedes-Benz South Africa DAIMLER AG 2012-03-30
AFV South Africa Mercedes-Benz of SA (Pty) Ltd DAIMLER AG 2012-03-30
KPA Korea Ssangyong Motor Co Ltd DAIMLER AG - transporters 2007-12-01
KPD, KPG Korea Ssangyong Motor Co Ltd DAIMLER AG 2007-12-01
LB1 China DAIMLER AG DAIMLER AG 2013-10-12
LE4 China Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automotive DAIMLER AG 2013-08-20
LEN China Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automotive DAIMLER AG 2013-08-26
MHL Indonesia PT German Motor Manufacturing DAIMLER AG 2007-12-01
NAB Iran Iran Khodro Diesel DAIMLER AG - vans and minibuses 2013-08-26
NMB Turkey Mercedes-Benz Turk AS DAIMLER AG - trucks and buses 2007-12-01
RLM Vietnam Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Ltd. DAIMLER AG 2007-12-01
SVZ Poland Mercedes-Benz Sobieslaw Zasada DAIMLER AG 2007-12-01
TAW Switzerland NAW(CH) DAIMLER AG - Edelhoff garbage truck chassis 2014-09-07


The Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS) is a part of the VIN that provides specific details about the vehicle model, body style, engine type, and transmission. It typically consists of six to seven characters, which can be used to identify the vehicle's original design and check for any alterations.

The Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS) is another part of the VIN that provides specific information about the vehicle, such as its model, body style, engine type, transmission, features, place of origin, production sequence, and year of production. The VIS typically consists of six to eight characters.

What you can know from VIN decoder tool

A VIN decoder tool can provide various information about a vehicle, such as:

  • The car's make, model, and year
  • The type and size of the engine
  • The type of transmission
  • The trim level, options, and packages
  • The body style of the vehicle and number of doors
  • The location where the vehicle was manufactured
  • The safety equipment and features
  • The production date and sequence number
  • The color of the vehicle and interior trim
  • The fuel efficiency and emissions rating of the vehicle
  • The recall and service bulletins
  • The manufacturer's warranty information
  • The registration and title information

Example of free VIN decoding

The VIN number "WDDSJ4GBXFN282847" belongs to a 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (CLA250 4MATIC) sedan/saloon passenger car.

  • The 1st character (W) indicates the country of origin, which in this case is Germany
  • The 2nd-3rd characters (DD) indicate the manufacturer, which in this case is Mercedes-Benz
  • The 4th-8th characters (SJ4GB) identify the model, which in this case is the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class
  • The 9th character (X) is the check digit, which is used to ensure the accuracy of the VIN
  • The 10th character (F) identifies the model year, which in this case is 2015
  • The 11th character (N) identifies the manufacturer's plant code, which in this case is Kecskemét, Germany
  • The 12th-17th characters (282847) identify the production number, which is used to identify the specific vehicle within the production run.

Using this breakdown of the VIN, we can determine that this is a 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (CLA250 4MATIC) sedan, with the make being Mercedes-Benz, the manufacturer being Mercedes-Benz Cars, the model being CLA-Class, the plant city being Kecskemét, the plant company name being Mercedes-Benz Cars, the plant country being Germany, and the series being CLA250.

What you can know from VIN history

VHRs, commonly referred to as vehicle history reports, provide more details about a vehicle's past, including:

  • Previous ownership and registration details
  • Records of accidents and repairs
  • Service and maintenance logs
  • Notices of safety recalls and defects
  • Odometer readings and rollback history
  • Salvage or scrap status
  • Reports of flood or fire damage
  • Lemon history
  • Records of total losses
  • Emissions test results
  • Title and registration information
  • Plate numbers

Models of Mercedes-Benz

There are numerous factors that could lead to this outcome, including:

  • The VIN may have been misplaced, or the plate may have been disguised by paint or other means.
  • The owner of the vehicle or an individual looking to conceal the identity of the vehicle may have intentionally erased the VIN.

If you encounter a vehicle lacking a VIN, you may try the following measures:

  • Ask for support from the vehicle's manufacturer. They may have records of the VIN or provide directions on how to acquire it.
  • If known, contact the dealership where the car was purchased. They may have records of the VIN or be able to help you obtain it.

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