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To decode and get lookup of Audi VIN history check ✅ enter it here:

Audi was founded in 1909. Volkswagen AG (owner of Audi) apply a unique Vehicle Identification Number for each vehicle. We already checked more than 10455 Audi vehicles. Checking VIN you can find out: manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, engine type, factory manufacturing and remaining car specifications. You can also check whether the car was in an accident, theft, mileage, as well as use in a taxi and who is the owner.

Chart for decode Audi VIN

Chart for decode Audi VIN

17 digit number is easy to decode, look at the chart and relate the numbers. Or use the search form above.

Where to find Audi VIN

Where to find Audi VIN

Models of Audi vehicles

Audi produces vehicle types: Passenger Car, Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle (MPV).

Audi machines recalls 702 times (most recalled model it is A6, recalled 88 times), received 5410 complaints (most complainted device it is EXTERIOR LIGHTING, recived 353 complaints).

ModelDate fromDate to
100 (43, C2)1976-06-011982-07-01
100 (44, 44Q, C3)1982-08-011991-07-01
100 (4A, C4)1990-12-011994-07-01
100 (C1)1968-11-011976-07-01
100 Avant (43, C2)1977-07-011983-02-01
100 Avant (44, 44Q, C3)1982-08-011990-11-01
100 Avant (4A, C4)1990-12-011994-07-01
100 Coupe (C1)1970-01-011976-12-01
200 (43)1979-10-011982-09-01
200 (44, 44Q)1983-06-011991-12-01
200 Avant (44, 44Q)1983-09-011991-12-01
50 (86)1974-08-011978-07-01
60 Variant1968-09-011972-08-01
75 Variant1968-09-011972-08-01
80 (80, 82, B1)1972-05-011978-07-01
80 (81, 85, B2)1978-08-011986-12-01
80 (89, 89Q, 8A, B3)1986-06-011991-10-01
80 (8C, B4)1991-09-011994-12-01
80 Avant (8C, B4)1991-09-011996-01-01
80 Variant1966-09-011968-08-01
90 (81, 85, B2)1984-08-011987-03-01
90 (89, 89Q, 8A, B3)1987-04-011991-09-01
A1 (8X1, 8XK)2010-05-01
A1 Sportback (8XA, 8XF)2011-09-01
A2 (8Z0)2000-02-012005-08-01
A3 (8L1)1996-09-012003-05-01
A3 (8P1)2003-05-012012-08-01
A3 (8V1, 8VK)2012-04-01
A3 Convertible (8P7)2008-04-012013-05-01
A3 Convertible (8V7, 8VE)2013-10-01
A3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2013-05-01
A3 Sportback (8PA)2004-09-012013-03-01
A3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2012-09-01
A4 (8D2, B5)1994-11-012001-09-01
A4 (8E2, B6)2000-11-012004-12-01
A4 (8EC, B7)2004-11-012008-06-01
A4 (8K2, B8)2007-11-012015-12-01
A4 (8W2, B9)2015-05-01
A4 Allroad (8KH, B8)2009-04-01
A4 Allroad (8WH, B9)2016-01-01
A4 Avant (8D5, B5)1994-11-012001-09-01
A4 Avant (8E5, B6)2001-04-012004-12-01
A4 Avant (8ED, B7)2004-11-012008-06-01
A4 Avant (8K5, B8)2007-11-012015-12-01
A4 Avant (8W5, B9)2015-08-01
A4 Convertible (8H7, B6, 8HE, B7)2002-04-012009-03-01
A5 (8T3)2007-06-01
A5 (F53)2016-07-01
A5 Convertible (8F7)2009-03-01
A5 Convertible (F57)2016-11-01
A5 Sportback (8TA)2009-09-01
A5 Sportback (F5A)2016-09-01
A6 (4A, C4)1994-06-011997-10-01
A6 (4B2, C5)1997-01-012005-01-01
A6 (4F2, C6)2004-05-012011-03-01
A6 (4G2, C7, 4GC)2010-11-01
A6 Allroad (4FH, C6)2006-05-012011-08-01
A6 Allroad (4GH, 4GJ)2012-01-01
A6 Avant (4A, C4)1994-06-011997-12-01
A6 Avant (4B5, C5)1997-11-012005-01-01
A6 Avant (4F5, C6)2005-03-012011-08-01
A6 Avant (4G5, C7, 4GD)2011-05-01
A7 Sportback (4GA, 4GF)2010-10-01
A8 (4D2, 4D8)1994-03-012002-12-01
A8 (4E_)2002-10-012010-07-01
A8 (4H_)2009-11-01
ALLROAD (4BH, C5)2000-05-012005-08-01
CABRIOLET (8G7, B4)1991-05-012000-08-01
COUPE (81, 85)1980-07-011988-10-01
COUPE (89, 8B)1988-10-011996-12-01
F103 Variant1966-04-011968-08-01
Q2 (GA)2016-09-01
Q3 (8U)2011-06-01
Q5 (8R)2008-11-01
Q5 (FY)2016-05-01
Q7 (4L)2006-03-012015-08-01
Q7 (4M)2015-01-01
QUATTRO (85)1980-07-011991-07-01
R8 (422, 423)2007-04-012015-07-01
R8 (4S3)2015-07-01
R8 Spyder (427, 429)2010-02-012015-07-01
R8 Spyder (4S9)2016-05-01
SUPER 901966-09-011971-11-01
TT (8J3)2006-08-012014-06-01
TT (8N3)1998-10-012006-06-01
TT (FV3)2014-07-01
TT Roadster (8J9)2007-03-012014-06-01
TT Roadster (8N9)1999-10-012006-06-01
TT Roadster (FV9)2014-11-01
V8 (44_, 4C_)1988-10-011994-02-01
A3 (8VS)2014-09-01
A3 Sportback (8VA)2014-09-01
A4 Saloon (8E2, B6)2002-08-012005-07-01
A4 Saloon (8EC, B7)2005-07-012008-09-01
A4L Saloon (8K2, B8)2007-12-01
A4L Saloon (8W2, B9)2016-09-01
A6 Saloon (C5, 4B2)1999-09-012005-12-01
A6L Saloon (4F2, C6)2005-03-012012-12-01
A6L Saloon (4G2, C7)2012-01-01
Q3 Closed Off-Road Vehicle (8U)2013-04-01
Q5 Closed Off-Road Vehicle (8R)2009-10-01

Manufacturers of Audi vehicles

Its factories are in countries: .


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