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Opel was founded in 1863. General Motors (owner of Opel) apply a unique Vehicle Identification Number for each vehicle. We already checked more than 34 Opel vehicles. Checking VIN you can find out: manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, engine type, factory manufacturing and remaining car specifications. You can also check whether the car was in an accident, theft, mileage, as well as use in a taxi and who is the owner.

Chart for decode Opel VIN

Chart for decode Opel VIN

17 digit number is easy to decode, look at the chart and relate the numbers. Or use the search form above.

Where to find Opel VIN

Where to find Opel VIN

Models of Opel vehicles

Opel produces vehicle types: Passenger Car, Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle (MPV).

Opel machines recalls 25 times (most recalled model it is KADETT, recalled 13 times), received 3 complaints (most complainted device it is AIR BAGS:FRONTAL, recived 2 complaints).

ModelDate fromDate to
ADMIRAL A1964-04-011969-03-01
ADMIRAL B1969-03-011978-01-01
AGILA (A) (H00)2000-09-012007-12-01
AGILA (B) (H08)2008-04-01
ARENA Box1997-01-012001-12-01
ARENA Box (TB, TF)1998-03-012001-08-01
ARENA Bus1997-01-012001-12-01
ARENA Combi (THB)1998-03-012001-08-01
ASCONA A (81_, 86_, 87_, 88_)1970-10-011975-08-01
ASCONA A Voyage (84_, 89_)1970-10-011975-08-01
ASCONA B (81_, 86_, 87_, 88_)1975-09-011981-08-01
ASCONA C (81_, 86_, 87_, 88_)1981-09-011988-10-01
ASCONA C Hatchback (84_, 89_)1981-09-011988-08-01
ASTRA CLASSIC Estate2009-01-01
ASTRA F (56_, 57_)1991-09-011998-09-01
ASTRA F CLASSIC Estate1998-01-012005-01-01
ASTRA F CLASSIC Hatchback1998-01-012002-08-01
ASTRA F CLASSIC Saloon1998-01-012002-08-01
ASTRA F Convertible (53_B)1993-03-012001-03-01
ASTRA F Estate (51_, 52_)1991-09-011998-01-01
ASTRA F Hatchback (53_, 54_, 58_, 59_)1991-09-011998-01-01
ASTRA F Van (55_)1991-10-011999-01-01
ASTRA FAMILY (L48)2009-01-01
ASTRA G Box (F70)1999-01-012005-04-01
ASTRA G Convertible (F67)2001-03-012005-10-01
ASTRA G Coupe (F07_)2000-03-012005-05-01
ASTRA G Estate (F35_)1998-02-012009-12-01
ASTRA G Hatchback (F48_, F08_)1998-02-012009-12-01
ASTRA G Saloon (F69_)1998-09-012009-12-01
ASTRA H (L48)2004-01-012014-05-01
ASTRA H Box (L70)2004-02-012013-12-01
ASTRA H Estate (L35)2004-08-012014-05-01
ASTRA H GTC (L08)2005-03-012010-10-01
ASTRA H Saloon (L69)2007-02-012014-05-01
ASTRA H TwinTop (L67)2005-09-012010-10-01
ASTRA J2009-12-01
ASTRA J GTC2011-10-01
ASTRA J Saloon2012-06-01
ASTRA J Sports Tourer2010-10-01
ASTRA K2015-06-01
ASTRA K Sports Tourer2015-11-01
CALIBRA A (85_)1990-06-011997-07-01
CAMPO (TF_)1987-08-012002-06-01
CASCADA (W13)2013-03-01
COMBO (71_)1994-07-012001-10-01
COMBO Box Body / Estate2001-10-01
COMBO Box Body / Estate (X12)2012-02-01
COMBO Platform/Chassis (X12)2012-08-01
COMBO Tour2001-10-01
COMBO Tour (X12)2012-02-01
COMMODORE A1967-08-011972-01-01
COMMODORE A Coupe1967-08-011972-01-01
COMMODORE B1972-01-011978-07-01
COMMODORE B Coupe1972-01-011978-07-01
COMMODORE C (14_, 19_)1978-08-011982-12-01
COMMODORE C Estate (61)1980-12-011982-12-01
CORSA A Box1986-02-011994-09-01
CORSA A Hatchback (93_, 94_, 98_, 99_)1982-09-011993-03-01
CORSA A TR (91_, 92_, 96_, 97_)1982-09-011993-03-01
CORSA B (73_, 78_, 79_)1993-03-012002-12-01
CORSA B Box (73_)1999-08-012000-09-01
CORSA C (F08, F68)2000-09-012009-12-01
CORSA C Box (F08, W5L)2000-09-01
CORSA D2006-07-01
CORSA D Van2006-07-01
CORSA E2014-09-01
CORSA E Van2014-09-01
CROSSLAND X (75)2017-03-01
DIPLOMAT A1964-10-011969-03-01
DIPLOMAT A Coupe1965-03-011967-10-01
DIPLOMAT B1969-03-011978-08-01
FRONTERA A (5_MWL4)1992-03-011998-10-01
FRONTERA A Sport (5_SUD2)1992-03-011998-10-01
FRONTERA B (6B_)1998-10-012002-09-01
GRANDLAND X (75)2017-06-01
GT Convertible2007-06-01
INSIGNIA A (G09)2008-07-01
INSIGNIA A Estate (G09)2008-07-01
INSIGNIA A Saloon (G09)2008-07-01
INSIGNIA B Grand Sport (Z18)2017-03-01
INSIGNIA B Sports Tourer (Z18)2017-03-01
KADETT A1962-09-011965-08-01
KADETT A Coupe1962-09-011965-08-01
KADETT A Estate1963-03-011968-08-01
KADETT B1965-09-011973-08-01
KADETT B Coupe1965-09-011973-08-01
KADETT B Estate1965-09-011973-08-01
KADETT C1973-08-011979-07-01
KADETT C City1973-08-011979-07-01
KADETT C Coupe1973-08-011979-07-01
KADETT C Estate1973-08-011979-07-01
KADETT D (31_-34_, 41_-44_)1979-08-011984-08-01
KADETT D (32_,37_,39, _42)1979-08-011984-08-01
KADETT D Estate (35_, 36_, 45_, 46_)1979-08-011984-08-01
KADETT E (39_, 49_)1984-09-011993-12-01
KADETT E Box (37_, 47_)1984-08-011993-09-01
KADETT E Combo (38_, 48_)1986-01-011994-07-01
KADETT E Convertible (43B_)1986-10-011993-02-01
KADETT E Estate (35_, 36_, 45_, 46_)1984-09-011991-08-01
KADETT E Hatchback (33_, 34_, 43_, 44_)1984-09-011991-08-01
MANTA A (58_, 59_)1970-09-011975-08-01
MANTA B (58_, 59_)1975-09-011988-08-01
MANTA B CC (53_, 55_)1975-09-011988-08-01
MERIVA B2010-06-01
MOKKA / MOKKA X2012-06-01
MONTEREY A (UBS_)1991-09-011998-07-01
MONTEREY B1998-07-011999-08-01
MONZA A (22_)1978-02-011986-08-01
MOVANO B Box2010-05-01
MOVANO B Bus2010-12-01
MOVANO B Platform/Chassis2010-05-01
MOVANO Box (F9)1999-01-01
MOVANO Combi (J9)1998-07-01
MOVANO Dumptruck (H9)1999-01-01
MOVANO Platform/Chassis (U9, E9)1998-07-01
OLYMPIA A1967-08-011971-08-01
OLYMPIA A Coupe1967-08-011971-08-01
OLYMPIA REKORD1953-03-011966-08-01
OLYMPIA REKORD Estate1957-07-011960-12-01
OMEGA A (16_, 17_, 19_)1986-09-011994-05-01
OMEGA A Estate (66_, 67_)1986-09-011994-05-01
OMEGA B (25_, 26_, 27_)1994-03-012003-07-01
OMEGA B Estate (21_, 22_, 23_)1994-03-012003-07-01
REKORD A1963-01-011965-12-01
REKORD A Coupe1963-01-011965-12-01
REKORD B1965-01-011966-12-01
REKORD B Coupe1965-08-011967-02-01
REKORD B Estate1965-08-011967-03-01
REKORD C1966-08-011971-12-01
REKORD C Coupe1966-08-011971-12-01
REKORD C Estate1966-08-011971-12-01
REKORD D1972-01-011977-08-01
REKORD D Coupe1972-01-011977-08-01
REKORD D Estate1972-01-011977-08-01
REKORD E (17_-19_, 11_, 14_, 16_)1977-08-011986-08-01
REKORD E Estate (61_, 66_, 67_)1977-08-011986-08-01
REKORD P11957-06-011961-09-01
REKORD P1 Estate1957-07-011961-09-01
REKORD P21960-08-011963-01-01
REKORD P2 Coupe1960-08-011963-01-01
REKORD P2 Estate1960-08-011963-01-01
SENATOR A (29_)1978-02-011987-08-01
SENATOR B (29_)1987-09-011993-09-01
TIGRA (75_)1994-07-012000-12-01
TIGRA TwinTop2004-06-01
VECTRA A (86_, 87_)1988-08-011995-12-01
VECTRA A Hatchback (88_, 89_)1988-04-011995-12-01
VECTRA B (36_)1995-09-012002-04-01
VECTRA B Estate (31_)1996-11-012003-07-01
VECTRA B Hatchback (38_)1995-10-012003-07-01
VECTRA C2002-04-01
VECTRA C Estate2003-10-01
VECTRA C GTS2002-08-01
VIVARO Box2014-06-01
VIVARO Box (F7)2001-08-01
VIVARO Combi2014-06-01
VIVARO Combi (J7)2001-08-01
VIVARO Platform/Chassis2014-06-01
VIVARO Platform/Chassis (E7)2001-08-01
ZAFIRA A (F75_)1999-04-012005-06-01
ZAFIRA B (A05)2005-07-01
ZAFIRA B Van2005-07-01
ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12)2011-10-01
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Manufacturers of Opel vehicles

Its factories are in countries: United States (USA).


Country: United States (USA)

Address: 30001 Van Dyke Road

City: Warren


Address: 601 W. GIBSON LANE