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VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number. It has every vehicle and with it you can find out the characteristics of the car, to know the owner, whether car was in an accident, theft or a taxi.

BMW Z3 models

Vehicle Model Year kW HP Engine Engine Capacity Body Type
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) 1.8 i 10/1995-10/1998 85 116 M43 B18 (184E2) 1796 Convertible
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) 1.9 i 10/1995-03/1999 103 140 M44 B19 (194S1) 1895 Convertible
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) 1.9 i 07/1998-01/2003 87 118 M43 B19 (194E1) 1895 Convertible
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) 1.9 i 01/1999-01/2003 85 116 M43 B19 (194E1) 1895 Convertible
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) 2.0 i 04/1999-01/2003 110 150 M52 B20 (206S4) 1991 Convertible
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) 2.2 i 08/2000-01/2003 125 170 M54 B22 (226S1) 2171 Convertible
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) 2.8 i 04/1997-06/2000 142 193 M52 B28 (286S1) 2793 Convertible
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) 3.0 i 06/2000-01/2003 170 231 M54 B30 (306S3) 2979 Convertible
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) M 3.2 03/1997-06/2001 236 321 S50 B32 (326S1) 3201 Convertible
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36) M 3.2 06/2001-01/2003 239 325 S54 B32 (326S4) 3246 Convertible
BMW Z3 Coupe (E36) 2.8 i 07/1997-06/2000 142 193 M52 B28 (286S1) 2793 Coupe
BMW Z3 Coupe (E36) 3.0 i 06/2000-06/2003 170 231 M54 B30 (306S3) 2979 Coupe
BMW Z3 Coupe (E36) M 02/1998-06/2001 236 321 S50 B32 (326S1) 3201 Coupe
BMW Z3 Coupe (E36) M 06/2001-06/2003 239 325 S54 B32 (326S4) 3246 Coupe

BMW Z3 recalls and complaints

Z3 recalled 13 times (1378532 cars in sum of all recalls), received 236 complaints.

Devices receiving the most safety-related consumer complaints:

Device Complaints

BMW Z3 VIN`s examples

4USCH9346YLF85702 4USCH7326WLD15028 4USCH7323WLE06001 4USCH7324TLB65674 4USCJ3328WLB62830 4USCN33402LM05995 4USCH7333WLE09649 4USCH9341YLG04592 4USCN53412LJ60961 4USCN53442LL50687 4USCN53422LL50056 4USCH7329VLB78326 4USCH9348YLG02208 4USCN33472LM05153 WBACH9341YLF89126 WBACH9342YLM91168 4USCH9343YLG04027 4USCN53402LL50590 4USCJ3327VLC03043 4USCN534X2LL50001 4USCH7325WLD15540 4USCH9342YLG04200 4USCH7328TLB75365 WBACH9343YLM92040 4USCH7329WLE08268 WBACH3345YLF44493 4USCH7327WLD15989 WBACH9345YLF92238 4USCH7335WLE09524 4USCH7321TLE00760 4USCN53472LJ60320 4USCH9344YLG04442 4USCN33422LM06520 4USCH9348YLF83854 WBACH9341YLG05793 4USCJ332XWLC12627 4USCN33492LM06532 4USCJ3329WLC12909 4USCH7328WLE08102 4USCJ3330WLB63740 4USCJ3329WLB63291 4USCH7322WLE05616 4USCH3345YLF43230 4USCH7330WLE10256 4USCJ3321WLC12807 WBACH9344YLM91026 4USCJ3328VLC09045 4USCH3348YLF43609 4USCN33472LK51320 4USCN33482LK52332 4USCJ3331WLB63522 4USCJ3326WLE08611 4USCN53462LL50013 4USCJ3322WLC11486 WBACN53401LJ57034 4USCH732XVLE05281 4USCJ3325WLC09666 4USCN53492LJ60416 4USCH7332WLD16086 WBACN33461LK47504 4USCJ3326WLC11698 4USCH7325VLB77576 4USCH7328VLB83419 4USCH7327TLB73297 WBACH334XYLF72077 4USCH732XWLE06920 WBACH9343YLF91444 4USCN53482LL50157 4USCJ3320VLC05023 4USCN334X2LM06006 4USCH7322VLB80306 4USCH7339WLE08764 4USCH7335WLD16826 4USCJ3334WLC14964 4USCH3340YLF42499 4USCH7326WLE07935 4USCJ3321VLC06634 WBACH3344YLF43982 4USCN53402LJ60286 4USCJ3330WLG20028 4USCH7325WLE06677 4USCN53492LL50216 WBACH3348YLF43841 4USCH7338WLE09890 4USCJ3322WLB62001 4USCJ3322VLC07498 4USCN53432LL50129 4USCN33412LM05147 4USCH733XWLE10801 4USCH7320WLE06120 WBACH9347YLF91186 4USCJ3325VLC06166 4USCJ3320WLB62286 4USCN33452LM06009 WBACH9345YLG05828 4USCJ3330WLC15982 4USCH9347YLF85918 4USCH7333WLD16825 4USCH3341YLF42169 WBACH9344YLF88939