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VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number. It has every vehicle and with it you can find out the characteristics of the car, to know the owner, whether car was in an accident, theft or a taxi.

BMW i8 models

Vehicle Model Year kW HP Engine Engine Capacity Body Type
BMW i8 (I12) hybrid 03/2014-/ 266 362 B38 K15 A 1499 Coupe
BMW i8 (I12) hybrid 03/2014-/ 170 231 B38 K15 A 1499 Coupe

BMW i8 VIN`s examples

WBY2Z2C56FV674570 WBY2Z2C53GV676133 WBY2Z2C51FVX64905 WBY2Z2C58GV676029 WBY2Z2C56GV675915 WBY2Z2C52EVX64491 WBY2Z2C55FV391366 WBY2Z2C55HV676314 WBY2Z2C5XFV392884 WBY2Z2C5XGV675402 WBY2Z2C54EVX64380 WBY2Z2C53FV674476 WBY2Z2C52HV676349 WBY2Z2C51FV818347 WBY2Z2C56EVX64476 WBY2Z2C51FV674346 WBY2Z2C50EVX64523 WBY2Z6C54KVB82897 WBY2Z2C58FV674585 WBY2Z6C59KVB82796 WBY2Z2C5XFV674572 WBY2Z2C58FVX64965 WBY2Z2C50GV676140 WBY2Z2C57FV674657 WBY2Z2C50FV391050 WBY2Z2C55EVX64405 WBY2Z2C55FV674477 WBY2Z2C54GV675296 WBY2Z2C52GV675555 WBY2Z2C54FV392881 WBY2Z2C57FV391191 WBY2Z2C51FV391963 WBY2Z2C5XFVX64935 WBY2Z2C5XEVX64724 WBY2Z2C52FV674338 WBY2Z2C56FV391845 WBY2Z2C57EVX64485 WBY2Z2C51EVX64773 WBY2Z2C53HV676375 WBY2Z2C55GV674898 WBY2Z2C53FV392984 WBY2Z4C5XKVB81760 WBY2Z2C54FV674292 WBY2Z2C59FV391306 WBY2Z4C54KVB81768 WBY2Z2C51GV675871 WBY2Z2C52FV391776 WBY2Z2C58FV391071 WBY2Z2C59FV674451 WBY2Z2C58EVX64883 WBY2Z2C59GV675519 WBY2Z6C50KVB82783 WBY2Z2C53EVX64581 WBY2Z2C59EVX64147 WBY2Z6C57KVB82795 WBY2Z4C59KVB81765 WBY2Z2C57GV674708 WBY2Z2C50FV674421